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  • Saturday March 16th 2024
  • Royal Chapel
  • 7pm | 1h15 without intermission


  • Charlotte La Thrope Soprano
  • Paul-Antoine Bénos-Djian Counter-tenor
  • Hugo Hymas Ténor
  • Tomáš Král Baryton
  • Geoffrey Carey Narrator
  • Le Poème Harmonique Choir and Orchestra
  • Vincent Dumestre Conductor
  • Théophile Gasselin Set in space
  • Henry Purcell (1659-1695)


Purcell illustrates a glorious chapter in the history of his nation, the Restoration, which saw the return of the monarchy after the bleak years of Cromwell’s regime. Stifled under the Puritans, musical life returned: choirs and concert societies reformed, ushering in an era of harmony and celebration, while the King of England founded his 24 Violins and revived the Chapel Royal, with Purcell as principal composer.

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From 1683, a group of musicians, the Musical Society, began celebrating the feast of St Cecilia, the patron saint of music, every year on 23 November. For its first festival, the society commissioned a special ode from Purcell – the charming Welcome to all the pleasures. However, it was only in 1692 that the British Orpheus offered his heavenly guardian the full measure of his praise – Hail! Bright Cecilia – which crowned the festivities. Almost an hour of music to the glory of… music, from the contrasting movements of the opening to the exultations of the final chorus, via the divine fervour of its airs, it is a celebration of the voice, sometimes in conversation with the loving flute, at others with the radiant trumpet. Brilliant concerts for an exuberant age.


Vincent Dumestre makes this piece for the queen of musicians truly shine, celebrating Purcell with Le Poème Harmonique for this concert that will be recorded to CD for our Château de Versailles Spectacles collection.

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Remember not, Lord, our offences Z.50


Hail! Bright Cecilia

1. Symphony
2. Coro : « Hail! Bright Cecilia »
3. Duo : « Hark each tree »
4. Aria : « Tis Nature’s voice »
5. Coro : « Soul of the world »
6. Aria con Coro : « Thou tun’st this world »
7. Trio : « With that sublime celestial lay »
8. Aria : « Wondrous machine »
9. Aria : « The airy violin »
10. Duo : « In vain the am’rous flute »
11. Aria : « The fife and all the harmony of war »
12. Duo : « Let these amongst themselves contest »
13. Coro : « Hail! Bright Cecilia »

Royal Chapel

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