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Antonio Draghi: The gift of eternal life


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Victor Sicard Genere umano

Christopher Lowrey Morte eterna

Raphaël Hardmeyer Odio infernale

Alejandro Meerapfel Dio Padre

Mariana Flores Amore divino

Fabio Trümpy Merito di Christo

Chœur de Chambre de Namur

Cappella Mediterranea

Leonardo García Alarcón Conductor



The most important composer of the Habsburg court in Vienna, and one of the most productive in the 17th century, Antonio Draghi (1635-1700) is a little-known figure whose work remains overwhelmingly unpublished. After the successful rediscovery of one of his operas, El Prometeo, in 2018 at the Dijon Opera, Leonardo García Alarcón continues to explore the work of this musician, this time taking on an oratorio: Il Sono della Vita Eterna.

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This sepolcro – a typically Viennese oratorio performed on Good Friday – depicts the battle between the forces of Heaven and Earth for the salvation of humanity, through a gallery of allegorical characters: Adam’s Sin, Infernal Hatred, Divine Love, Eternal Life, etc. Draghi’s sublime score is put at the service of the sacred drama: drama is magnified by the text as much as by the music, for an exciting rediscovery of which Leonardo Garcia Alarcón has the secret!



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The Royal Chapel of the Château de Versailles

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