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Becoming a patron of the Opéra Royal de Versailles is an excellent opportunity for companies, foundations and private individuals to support this renowned cultural institution while enjoying exceptional visibility and a unique experience. We offer bespoke patronage packages to meet your needs, allowing you to support the production of operas, concerts, ballets and special events, while boosting your brand image and enjoying exclusive advantages.

We firmly believe that patronage is both an act of generosity and an investment in the cultural future of our society. As a patron of the Opéra Royal de Versailles, you are helping to preserve a unique piece of historic heritage while contributing to the creation and dissemination of truly peerless music and dance. We hope to welcome many of you on this fascinating adventure and to share the magic of the Opéra Royal de Versailles with you.

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By joining the Friends of the Royal Opera, you will fully enjoy a sumptuous musical season, have access to exclusive benefits, and you will protect the future of the Royal Opera, one of the world’s greatest works by King Louis XV’s architect Ange-Jacques Gabriel, inaugurated on 16 May 1770 for the feast for the wedding of the Dauphin Louis XVI and the Archduchess Marie-Antoinette.

Choose the level of ADOR membership that suits you and be part of this exciting musical and heritage adventure.

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Château de Versailles Spectacles wants to be a true partner in your development and growth. The Circle works closely with its members to best serve their business objectives.

The Circle of the Royal Opera brings together companies that support the excellence of its artistic programming, which is source of wonders, passions and inspirations for all of us. Membership levels, starting from 4000€, permit 60% tax reduction, and enable businesses of all sizes to choose a level of support that suits their needs.

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The friends of the Opéra Royal

The Foundation of the Royal Opera of Versailles was created at the Palace of the Institut de France on Wednesday March 10, 2021. It is a “foundation under aegis” under the auspices of the Academy of Beaux Arts, created jointly by ADOR – the Friends of the Royal Opera and the Academy of Beaux Arts, a merger of the royal academies of painting, sculpture, architecture and music.

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7th ADOR’s Gala Dinner

Sunday September 29th, 2024 will see the 7th ADOR Gala Dinner in aid of the musical season, an annual event marking the 10th anniversary of ADOR’s founding.

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