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Grétry: La Caravane du Caire


Opera in staged version
Accueil Grétry: La Caravane du Caire 2023


Hélène Guilmette Zélime

Jean-Gabriel Saint-Martin Husca, Florestan

Marie Perbost Almaïde

Pierre Derhet Saint-Phar

Enguerrand de Hys Tamorin

Robert Gleadow Osman Pacha

Lili Aymonino Esclave française

Chantal Santon Jeffery Esclave italienne

Lucie Edel Esclave allemande

Benoît Descamps Osmin

Samuel Guibal Furville

Emma Brest, Malory Delenclos, Vincent Gerbet, Margritte Gouin, Ludovick Le Floc’h, Laurine Ristroph, Edward Tracz et Dominic Who Dansers

Ballet de l’Opéra Royal

Le Concert Spirituel Choir and orchestra

Hervé Niquet Conductor

Marshall Pynkoski Staging

Jeannette Lajeunesse Zingg Choreography

Antoine Fontaine Sets

Camille Assaf Costumes

Hervé Gary Lighting

Stéphane Le Bel Light assistant

Elisabeth Geiger Vocal coach



Watch out the resurrection of a masterpiece! La Caravane du Caire was a triumph when it was first performed in 1783 and continued to resonate through the ranks of Napoleon’s army with the chorus “La Victoire est à nous! Grétry’s colourful piece, with its patriotic accents, is a true hymn to France: in the sands of Egypt, the “brave Frenchman” Saint-Phar tries to free his beloved Zélime from the slave trader who is going to sell her to the Pacha, the true ogre in the fable! Grétry’s dazzling music constantly scores in this stylish entertainment! The crazy situations and ballets highlight a sparkling cast, a veritable gallery of characters carried off to a music-hall Orient by the winning duo behind Richard the Lionheart by the same Grétry: Marshall Pynkoski and Hervé Niquet!

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Coproduction Opéra Royal / Château de Versailles Spectacles, Opéra de Tours


Creation on the April 24th 2022 at the Opera of Tours, France


Sets, costumes and accessories realised in the workshops of the Opéra of Tours, France



With the exceptionnal support of ADOR – The Friends of the Royal Opera

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Opera-ballet in three acts, libretto by Étienne Morel de Chédeville, first performed at the Théâtre royal de Fontainebleau in 1783.


New production


Show in French with French and English surtitles

The Royal Opera of the Château de Versailles

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