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Monteverdi: L’incoronazione di Poppea


Opera in concert version
  • Sunday December 17th 2023
  • Crusades Room
  • 4pm | 3h40 with intermission
Accueil Monteverdi: L’incoronazione di Poppea 12/2023


  • Francesca Aspromonte Poppaea
  • Nicolò Balducci Nero
  • Eva Zaïcik Octavia, a Cupid
  • Paul-Antoine Bénos-Djian Otho, Friend 1, a Cupid
  • Camille Poul Drusilla, a Cupid
  • Alex Rosen Seneca, a Tribune
  • Mathias Vidal Arnalta, Soldier 1, a Consul
  • Juan Sancho Nurse, Lucano, a Consul
  • Claire Lefilliâtre Fortuna, Pallas, Venus, a Cupid
  • Jennifer Courcier Cupid, Lady-in-Waiting
  • Ana Escudero Virtue, the Valet, a Cupid
  • Marco Angioloni Libertus, Soldier 2, Friend 2, a Consul
  • Geoffroy Buffière Mercury, a Lictor, Friend 3, a Tribune
  • Les Épopées
  • Stéphane Fuget Harpsichord and direction


How to take the place of the Empress of Rome? The courtesan Poppaea will stop at nothing to succeed. This mistress of Emperor Nero removes every obstacle that stands between her and the throne. At the cost of leaving her lover, Otho, ordering the suicide of the philosopher Seneca and banishing Empress Octavia, she finally achieves her objective: Poppaea marries Nero. Through Monteverdi’s music, what could have been nothing more than a triumph of immorality is elevated into a hymn of all-powerful desire, an exaltation of humanity in all its intractable contradictions. Monteverdi’s last opera is also the first masterpiece of the genre, still extraordinarily and enduringly modern after four centuries.


To end his trilogy on a high note, with Monteverdi performed and recorded at the Château de Versailles, Stéphane Fuget reunites his expressive, virtuosic soloists, bringing the drama of Poppaea and Nero to boiling point!


First part: 1h40


Second part: 1h30


Opera in one prologue and three acts to a libretto by Giovanni Francesco Busenello after The Annals by Tacitus, premièred in Venice in 1642-1643.

Concert in Italian with no surtitles.

The Crusades Room of the Château de Versailles

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DVD Monteverdi – L’Incoronazione di Poppea

The Coronation of Poppea, Monteverdi’s last opera, is an extraordinarily modern masterpiece that breaks with tradition. The music becomes desire and the exaltation of emotions, and is performed under the direction of Leonardo García Alarcón.
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