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Muffat: Festive Mass for Salzburg


  • Sunday November 27th 2022
  • Royal Chapel
  • 3pm | 1h15 without intermission
Homepage Muffat: Festive Mass for Salzburg 2022


Violaine Le Chenadec Soprano

Myriam Arbouz Soprano

Paul Figuier Alto

Mélodie Ruvio Alto

David Tricou Tenor

Nicholas Scott Tenor

Benoît Arnould Bass

Renaud Bres Bass

Le Banquet Céleste

La Guilde des Mercenaires (conductor Adrien Mabire)

Damien Guillon Conductor



In 1690, the powerful Archbishop of Salzburg, Primate of Germany, and Prince of a sovereign state respected throughout Europe, was renowned for the extraordinary religious ceremonies at his Cathedral. He had recently celebrated the city’s 1100th anniversary in grand style, and the musicians who composed for him were famous across Europe: Heinrich Biber foremost among them, but also the brilliant Georg Muffat (1653-1704), who dedicated a splendid Missa In Labore Requies to him, designed to utilize all the musical forces of the Cathedral. Born in Savoy, Muffat was a true European figure: he studied music in Paris under Lully, served as an organist in Alsace at Sélestat, and held positions in Vienna, Prague, and Salzburg, while temporarily residing in Rome! He was known for blending Italian, French, and German styles, applying a renowned musical fervor.

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This “immense” music is almost never performed, requiring substantial resources, preparation time, precision from musicians and conductor, and above all, an environment capable of accommodating and magnifying its “spatialized” nature. The Chapelle Royale provides such a splendid setting, and the musicians assembled for this recording and concert project—Le Banquet Céleste (Damien Guillon) and La Guilde des Mercenaires (Adrien Mabire)—have risen to the challenge of presenting this exceptionally proportioned work!

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Johann Stadlmayr (1575 – 1648)

Sonata à treize


Heinrich Ignaz Biber (1644 – 1704)

Vesperae Longiores ac Breviores : “Dixit Dominus”


Johann Heinrich Schmelzer (1623 – 1680)

Sonata duodecima à sept


Georg Muffat (1653 – 1704)

Missa Laborae Requies à vingt-quatre

The Royal Chapel of the Château de Versailles

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